Globus Map Projector

This is my new little map projector, feel free to right click | show source code – it is all client side! (javascript + html + webgl).

If you just want to make a globe, you can visit this simplified version

How to project?

  1. Pick the image you want to project. It doesn’t have to be equirectangular projection
  2. Specify in what projection your image was. You can also upload your own projection.
  3. Specify the projection you want to get. You can also upload your own projection.
  4. Now that you’ve picked projections, you will be asked for additional data – e.g. which meridian do you want to be central. Usually, leaving everything unchanged will give you default projections.
  5. Click project!. You can now see your projection
  6. Right-click your projection and click save image

Learn how to write your own projection here.

You can also view it in separate tab (instead of iframe) here.

Have fun, and tell me your opinions in the comments,


  • Steg0saurus

    Hi this is excellent software. Really clever idea to use webGL shaders to handle the projections. I’ve only ran into a couple of hangups. For one thing, I’m trying to go from equirectangular to the daisy petal projection, but there’s weird white streaks down the center of each petal (see screenshot). Is there something I can do to fix this? And also, oddly enough, I’m unable to save the resulting image. I right click and go to “save image” and I get this in the console:

    [Exception… “Component returned
    failure code: 0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE)
    [nsIAnnotationService.setPageAnnotation]” nsresult: “0x80070057
    (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE)” location: “JS frame ::
    resource:///modules/DownloadsCommon.jsm :: onDownloadChanged :: line
    735” data: no]

    • winski

      Hi! I am sorry for not replying for a long time. I am aware of this problem, and some time ago I made a Windows version of this projection that solves all of those problems. Go ahead and check “USGS Daisy-Petal creator” from the programs section (

  • Vorropohaiah

    Hi, I’m using google chrome and am getting a popup saying its not supported, and to try using a browser such as google chrome, firefox or opera. Im running windows 10.

    • winski

      Hi, I am accessing this program on Google Chrome and Windows 10 at this moment, and everything seems fine. This dialog will pop up whenever your browser does not support WebGL. Try updating your Chrome and then check those instructions to enable WebGL in your Chrome:
      Let me know if that helps!

  • gilberto

    Great job by thr way…
    I AM NOT ABLE TO SAVE when I use just want to make a globe, you can visit this simplified version

  • Mark Guise

    Hello great software – I am trying to recover a globe I bought in an antique shop – I think your programme may work – but – am I missing something ? I don”t see any button to convert into 12 ( or more) gores like the screen dump Gilberto messaged below – I don’t see a button that says “Prepare image” Thanks Mark

  • Tavi

    Hi there, I want to make a gore for a sphere with 6 cm diameter. Can I do this using this program, if yes, how can I do it?

  • Marcin

    My program can draw daisy-petal maps for globes labelled according to the rules of the craft (

    @winski: I won’t take offence if you delete this comment as an advertisement of a competitive, commercial service.

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  • Peggy Banks

    Hey! This looks great for my project (I’m an artist, not a cartographer). However – there is a snag: I’ve tried using both the simplified version and the more complex one above, and while both generate the gores, when I save the image it turns up blank on my desktop. Ditto when I just select “view image”. Any ideas? I’m on an up-to-date Mac browsing in Firefox…

    • Lucas Fabián Olivero

      Hello Peggy, I’m having the same problem, using Firefox and Safari, did you solve the issue ?